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Moros y Cristianos: Villajoyosa's spectacular fiesta

Many towns in Spain have amazing fiestas, but Villajoyosa's is unique. Not only does it feature spectacular parades through the town, but it culminates with a mock invasion of the town beach by a fleet of replica Moorish ships. The Spanish government has declared it to be of Interés Turístico Internacional and it's well worth seeing.

The Moros y Cristianos (Moors and Christians) fiesta actually commemorates the defeat of a Moorish attack on Villajoyosa (aka La Vila Joioso in the local Valenciano language) back in 1538. According to legend, the Moorish fleet was scattered by a storm and flood conjured up by the divine intervention of Santa Marta. The grateful townsfolk made her the town's patron saint.

The first video shows the two parades through the town in fiesta week: one by the Moros and the other by the Christians. The second video shows the beach invasion at dawn on the Saturday.

© Guy Pelham 2018

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